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Granite Repair Chicago

Prestige Grout, Tile, & Stone is proud to be the premier granite restoration and repair company in Illinois. If you searched on Google for 'Granite repair Chicago,' you may have found us. However you got here; welcome! You are in the right place now. If you are in need of granite repair in Illinois or Northwest Indiana, give us a call. We'll gladly send someone to your home or office to evaluate your granite and provide you with an accurate quote.

Should I Repair or Replace My Granite?

Many people think that replacing their granite is their only option because the damage seems to be too excessive to fix. To be sure; not all granite surfaces can be repaired, especially if the granite is broken outright. Still, cracks and broken edges can usually be fixed by a skilled professional. The best thing to do is to give Prestige Grout, Tile, & Stone a call. Let us evaluate your granite, and we'll provide you with a straight-forward answer. We'll discuss all of your options with you, including their pros and cons, and give you our expert opinion about what you should do.

What are the Most Common Types of Granite Damage?

Cracks in granite occur for many reasons and are by far the number one reason why homes and offices call Prestige Grout, Tile, & Stone for granite repair in Chicago. Things that commonly cause cracks in granite include excessive weight on the surface, water under the slab, or even faulty installation. Simple cracks can be fixed with our very own epoxy that looks flawless. When we are finished, you won't be able to tell that there ever was granite damage present.

Chips and pits typically develop along the edges of granite, although they can develop anywhere on a granite surface. One of the primary reasons for chips and pits along the edges of granite is that, during fabrication, many companies will make a slightly rounded finish over the sink edges, which can make it vulnerable to easy damage. Please note that not just any epoxy can be used to repair granite, and if you want to have a perfect color and design match, you'd be better off calling an expert.

Repairing Stained Granite

Since natural granite is porous, over time, grease, oils, and moisture can seep into the stone. Stains and dull spots begin to develop, and these can be nearly impossible to remove or the average person. If your granite surface is developing stains, dull spots, or water spots, you probably need to clean and reseal the granite. Granite should be resealed once a year to protect it from this kind of damage.

Contact Prestige Grout, Tile, & Stone for Granite Repair in Chicago

If your granite has been stained, cracked, chipped, or broken, call Prestige. We can help you save money and restore the life of your granite, no matter how old it is. Our rates are affordable, our services is excellent, and our technicians work fast. Give us a call for a quote today.

Granite Repair Chicago

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Granite Repair Chicago

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