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Shopping for a new garage door is not as simple as it sounds; it can be quite frustrating considering all the options available on the market. If you live in Plano, TX, there are many residential garage door and gate you could install in your home. The most popular Plano overhead garage doors include canopy, retractable, roller, and sectional garage doors. Your taste and preference determine the type you choose for your home. Once you have made your choice, the best garage door installers in Plano, TX at Osborne Overhead Door can help with the installation.

Canopy Garage Doors

This single panel garage door features vertical tracks on the sides to flip it open. As the name suggests, most canopy garage doors are designed to protrude outwards when open. Therefore, you can use your canopy garage door for shelter when open. Typically, canopy garage doors require manual operation. However, they are extremely easy to open thanks to their inbuilt torsion springs.

Garage door companies in Plano recommend canopy garage doors because they are incredibly lightweight, making them easier to open and close manually. In addition, they feature cables on the sides, which helps to guide and lift the garage door. On the downside, you cannot park a car or place items outside a canopy garage door. This type of door swings outwards to open, which means it can hit close objects on its swing path. Still, canopy garage doors are quite popular in Plano, TX, because of their affordability.

Retractable Garage Doors

This is another single panel garage door popular in Plano, TX. Unlike canopy garage doors that partially hangs outside when open, retractable doors fully retract into the garage. Typically, retractable garage doors have electrical operation. They feature horizontal tracks on the garage ceiling for smooth opening and closing. The main disadvantage of this type of door is they can significantly reduce the available height in your garage because of their overhanging openers.

Roller Garage Door

This is a compact garage door with corrugated steel panels. As the name suggests, roller garage doors are designed to smoothly roll up into an enclosure on top of the garage. Unlike retractable doors, roller garage doors do not have horizontal tracks. Therefore, they conserve space that you can use for storage. In addition, they do not block access to the roof or attic.

On the downside, roller garage doors are relatively more costly than other garage door types. In addition, roller garage doors come in limited colors and appearances. They are also difficult to customize.

Sectional Garage Doors

This garage door features both vertical and horizontal tracks on the sides and ceiling. This garage door's considerable benefit is its smooth operation because it is designed for automatic operation.

Sectional garage doors combine some of the features of single panel and roller doors. They can retract to the garage ceiling, which can limit ceiling space for smaller garages. In addition, sectional garage doors can be quite expensive. However, they maximize the garage door opening's width and provide excellent insulation to keep your garage cool during summer and warm during winter.

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