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Baltimore Md Roof Repair

Most people understand the importance of having a good roof, but not many know what it takes to have a functional roofing system. A roof needs materials such as roofing underlayment and flashing, which is why you should always seek professional roofers for any roofing job. At APC Roofing Experts, we offer Baltimore MD roof repair. We have the necessary tools, we can source all the required materials, and we’ve worked on numerous successful projects in the area.

What is Roof Underlayment?

Roof underlayment is a material installed underneath the roofing. It’s usually water-resistant or waterproof to provide an additional barrier to the roof. A roofing underlayment works by preventing water from penetrating the attic and insulation material if it happens to get past the roofing material like shingles. Waterproof underlayment is suitable for areas that receive heavy rainfall or snow, while water-resistant underlayment can work adequately in regions that experience moderate rain.

Different Types of Roof Underlayment

Roof underlayment can be categorized according to the materials it’s made of. The three commonly used types are asphalt-saturated felt synthetic underlayment and rubberized asphalt underlayment. 

The saturated felt and synthetic underlayment are water-resistant, while the rubberized type is waterproof. The felt is made using natural plant fibers, bitumen, asphalt, and polyester. Extra asphalt is used for the synthetic underlayment, whereby it’s mixed with fiberglass to give it more durability.

What is Roof Flashing?

Roof flashing is a material that seals joints. It can be used on chimneys, skylights, or the point where two slopes of a roof meet. The main purpose of roof flashing is to prevent water from leaking into a building. Usually, flashing is made of materials such as aluminum or copper.

Flashing can also be used near windows, doors, and gutters. Over time, flashing may become torn or cracked due to weather damage. In such a case, you should have the flashing repaired or replaced as soon as possible to avoid water leakage into the attic.

Things to Know About Layering

Besides flashing and underlayment, layering is another factor that can affect the durability of a roofing system, especially since it’s installed over damaged shingles, such as those that have curled or cracked.

Additional layers that are not sealed correctly may allow moisture in between. This, over time, contributes to the rotting of the roofing material. If the moisture makes its way beneath the underlayment, it can also affect the roof supports.

It’s important to know that while a second layer of shingles is allowed in most places, anything more than that is prohibited. Layering is a good option when you want to avoid paying more for replacement. However, make sure that it makes financial sense because when you finally decide to replace your roof, you’ll spend double the amount to remove the old roof.

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If you want reliable Baltimore MD roof repair, APC Roofing Experts can help. We’ll ensure every inch of your roof is properly repaired, to give you, your family, and property adequate protection from the elements. Give us a call today on +1 301 357 8275 to discuss your needs.

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